Hi, This is Anshuman here. I have been exploring a lot on the internet in the past few years. Using this blog, I would be sharing some of my previous work, case studies, experiences, and my journey so far.


I am a 20-year-old business enthusiast and I have been a part of 25 startups so far.

  1. Indiotrics – A Social Network ( my first attempt, back in 2010)
  2. galaxyrobber – YouTube Description based revenue generating platform
  3. Online Surf Area – A traffic exchange website
  4. Gigett – A PTC + Traffic Exchanges + Blog Revenue Network
  5. Skillsplash – Local Media and Photography Startup
  6. Creative Code – Web Apps Development and Design Firm
  7. The Garden Guardian – Online Database for Indian Plants and E-commerce Platform
  8. LootoRe РOnline Price Comparison Search Engine
  9. HealthStatic – Electronic Health Records App
  10. drubbr – One Apps for All Apps (Personalization Engine)
  11. Fantoosy – Media Portal
  12. Digital Affiliate – Affiliate tools for online business owners
  13. Proaffiliate – Digital Affiliate 2.0
  14. Elixir – Nearest Blood Bank search and Blood donation app
  15. Strange Hacks – Hacking Blog
  16. Cricket Lover’s Delight – Facebook Driven Cricket Blog
  17. Trendifiers – Latest trends scraping tool
  18. Like Love Quotes – 10 million hearts and counting (web services management)
  19.  Garbo РGreen Vision
  20. HireMySwag – Online Freelancing Jobs Curation platform
  21. Swag Labs – Creative Hubspaces
  22. Atventus Technologies – Building technologies for the most tech-savvy startups
  23. Qworky – The Coworking Space
  24. Atventus Air – Regional Airlines in Uttar Pradesh
  25. Indis Motoren – Electric Mobility Company

You can also check some of my projects on GitHub.


If you’re looking forward to working with me on any project for the future. Mail me at : [email protected]